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Relationship Issues Psychiatry Specialist

Barbara J. Novak, MD

Psychiatrist located in Bethesda, MD

Dr. Barbara Novak is a Board Certified psychiatrist who specializes in helping her patients work through many common relationship difficulties. Dr. Novak's office is located in Bethesda and is conveniently close to Rockville, Travilah, Potomac, Cabin John, McLean, Tysons, Pimmit Hills, Woodland Acres, Falls Church, Arlington, Washington, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Kensington, and Garrett Park.

Relationship Issues Psychiatry Q & A

How can a Psychiatrist Help With Social Relationships?

Personal relationships and friendships can be among the most rewarding and vital experiences, especially when they contribute to a person’s life in a positive way. But some friendships can present challenges that become a source of chronic stress and anxiety. It may be time to seek professional help if you find a personal relationship regularly affects your health, happiness, or energy in a negative way. The privacy of the psychiatrist’s office allows you to discuss your concerns openly and honestly, to gain greater insight and emotional support. The result may be adjusting your own expectations to achieve more satisfaction in personal relationships.

How are Commitment Issues Dealt With?

Commitment issues are sometimes the most difficult aspect of a relationship. Making a commitment requires a great deal of thought and dedication. It also requires sacrifice on both sides that will enable the relationship to continue to grow and prosper. When the decision to make a commitment becomes a major problem, the psychiatrist can help the person resolve the issues that are causing the problem. In some cases, fearing the loss of freedom can make commitment difficult, while in others, it may be the fear of loss of the relationship if things don’t work out. Each person must be willing to address his issues and make a choice as to whether or not he is motivated to make the type of commitment that is needed to make the relationship work.

Why are Work Relationships so Difficult?

Work relationships can be extremely difficult. They involve many people, each with a different philosophy and personality. Each person has her own views and ideas about how to handle specific situations or problems. Certain people will be more dominant than others, while some may be willing to just "go with the flow". Relationships can become more difficult when someone tries to influence others into believing her way of thinking. Conflict in the workplace is often the result of two or more individuals who are strong-willed and determined to get their way. Talking with a psychiatrist can be very helpful to understanding what a person may be contributing to the difficulties at work, as well as getting different perspectives on factors affecting relationships. These changes in perspectives can ease tensions and lead to change in the workplace.