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Self Esteem Therapy Specialist

Barbara J. Novak, MD

Psychiatrist located in Bethesda, MD

As a solo practitioner, Dr. Barbara Novak is a Board Certified psychiatrist who helps her patients deal with low self-esteem issues and other mental problems. Dr. Novak's office is located in Bethesda and is conveniently close to Rockville, Travilah, Potomac, Cabin John, McLean, Tysons, Pimmit Hills, Woodland Acres, Falls Church, Arlington, Washington, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Kensington, and Garrett Park.

Self Esteem Therapy Q & A

What are Common Causes of Self-Esteem Issues?

Self-esteem can be affected by many things. Being bullied or harassed in the workplace or a school setting can create a host of difficulties for an individual who has problems realizing his own self-worth. Building self-worth involves realizing and appreciating one's strengths and also acknowledging one’s weaknesses. By admitting his shortcomings, a person can begin to take the needed steps to make necessary improvements. A person's self-esteem is often based on what significant others say or do. While what others say should be considered, it is vital that a person has the ability to establish his own self-worth independently of what others think. Psychotherapy can be a useful tool to come to terms with one’s strengths and weaknesses and to address areas that can be changed and improved.

What are Effective Ways of Improving Self-Esteem?

The best way to improve self-esteem includes learning self-worth, being able to appreciate one’s value. This involves accepting both strengths and weaknesses and making a solid commitment to making improvements in any areas that may be lacking, but are under a person’s control to change. Self-esteem based solely on one's looks or possession of material goods, as examples, is vulnerable to swings of mood and fortune . A person’s attitude, demeanor, health and wellbeing, and lifestyle provide a focus for possible changes and improvements that affect self-esteem. Counseling is often helpful to reinforce positive values and strengths as well as to come to terms with strengths and weaknesses.

Will Positive Lifestyle Changes Improve Self-Esteem?

Creating a positive environment and practicing positive lifestyle habits are essential to maintaining self-esteem. Individuals who surround themselves with people who have positive attitudes and who are working towards maintaining good health and well-being will create an environment that is conducive to positive self-esteem. While this may be difficult for some people to accomplish, taking the steps they need to create a positive environment is extremely important. Once a person begins to include positive aspects in their environment and mindset, their feelings of self-worth and self-esteem will begin to improve dramatically.